“Success doesn't come to you, you go to it”
Marva Collins




Five Stars

What People are Saying

“It would be easy to assume that once the deal closes, ACF's work is done, but depending on the structure there could be any number of payment milestones, calculations and potential adjustments post deal. ACF has always been there, not only at these critical junctures but also if at any point we've ever wanted to check or understand something better. Their advice at these times has always been invaluable.”

Magnus Temple, CEO, The Garden Productions

"We could not have found a more perfect partner in this endeavor than ACF and Thomas Dey. We thank ACF for a tremendous job and look forward to continuing to thrive in collaboration with our new partners at Lionsgate."

Pilgrim – Craig Piligian, Founder

"Since bringing ACF into the fold three years ago, the partnership has been a game changer and a success story that I'm very proud to have shared with Thomas Dey and the rest of the ACF team. Their expertise in the non scripted business is industry leading."

Leftfield Entertainment – Brent Montgomery, Chief Executive Officer

"Tom and Hasham at ACF have provided an invaluable role in understanding the opportunity to grow Paddington in all his forms and in quantifying the future value that will be available to a buyer – they very much understand intellectual property businesses."

Paddington and Company – Karen Jankel, Managing Director
Nicholas Durbridge, Chairman, The Copyrights Group Limited
Stephen Durbridge, Director, The Agency

"There's a tee shirt I once read that said, "If I had Richard Gray's accent, I'd never stop talking." And through the rigors of selling your company, the sound of his kind voice gets you through. But beyond Richard's melodious Scottish accent, it's his intelligence, fueled by instinct and ACF's experience that I found vital to our successful outcome. Available at all hours."

Litton Entertainment – Dave Morgan, Chief Executive Officer

"The whole team at ACF have been incredible throughout the process of the sale. No one should underestimate the sheer amount of knowledge and expertise required to undertake a sale and Thomas Dey walked us through with patience and understanding as well as a great sense of humour!"

Left Bank Pictures – Andy Harries, Chief Executive Officer and Marigo Kehoe, Managing Director

"All of us at Neal Street are thrilled to be joining forces with All3Media, a company whose philosophy and style feels totally in tune with our own. Tom Manwaring and his team at ACF have guided and supported us through the process of finding the right partner with incredible dedication and attention to detail."

Neal Street Productions – Sam Mendes, Caro Newling, Pippa Harris, Co-founders
Nicolas Brown, Director

"I have worked with Tom for over ten years and have always found his sound advice and guidance invaluable. Both he and Hasham worked tirelessly to make the sale process smooth, transparent and professional."

New Pictures – Charlie Pattinson, Chief Executive Officer

"A wedding day, the birth of a baby and the sale of one's company are often equal parts electricity, anticipation and terror. I only wish ACF could have been there to guide me through the first two."

Orion – Chris Dorsey, President and Chief Executive Officer